Apartments „Kanzelhöhe“

„Kanzelhöhe – Apartments & More“ is located at the pre-summit of Gerlitzen Alp, which is steeply situated above Lake Ossiach. The breathtaking view it offers, is also the reason for its name.

Standard Apartments „Kanzelhöhe“


Apartments „Karawankenblick“

The Karawanks are a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps between Slovenia & Carinthia. Our guests enjoy a fantastic view on these mountains, when standing on their balconies.


Apartments „Guggenbichl“

The word Guggenbichl derives from the old German word “hill with a view”. Right behind „Kanzelhöhe – Apartments & More“ you will find this “Guggenbichl”, the hill with a view. Thus it functions as eponym for some of our apartments.